Getting Started with Fertility Treatment

Getting Started with Fertility Treatment – We are Here to Help!

Are you trying to conceive naturally and are having trouble? Have you tried to conceive naturally over a 12 month period for women under the age of 35 and over a 6 month period for women over the age of 35? Call for a consultation and a first level fertility analysis.

Have you been given an infertility diagnosis?

There are many factors involved in the diagnosis of infertility. Commons factors that may inhibit the success of conception include ovarian function, fallopian tube abnormalities, male infertility, endometriosis, and many other factors such as maternal age, hormonal imbalance, weight and fibroids. If you have been given a diagnosis, we will thoroughly examine the factors and develop a program based on the type of infertility.

Are you interested in a specific treatment?

Innovative Fertility Center works with several partners in the holistic approach to fertility treatment. We have treatments at all levels from simple lifestyle changes to IVF. Call for a consultation and we will work with you on exploring every treatment available to help you achieve your goal.