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Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Helpful tips for healthy eating during the holidays With the holiday season just around the corner, many people brace for weight gain between Thanksgiving and the New Year. While extra pounds are not ideal for anyone, Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD, our Manhattan Beach fertility clinic expert, advises our patients to make a concerted effort […]

Weight and Infertility

Understanding the link between weight and infertility As a highly trained reproductive endocrinologist, Mark Rispler MD continues to follow the latest developments in infertility treatments to offer our patients the best chance of pregnancy success. At our Manhattan Beach fertility center, Dr. Rispler addresses common causes of infertility and provides advanced treatment options to our […]

Fertility Supplements

Get the 411 on fertility supplements Trying to get pregnant without success can leave you feeling frustrated and willing to consider any treatment option, including fertility supplements. As the medical director of Innovative Fertility Center, Mark Rispler, M.D., understands that our patients want to explore a variety of treatment options. Our Manhattan Beach fertility center […]

Four Common Causes of Male Infertility

Our Manhattan Beach fertility doctor explains 4 common causes of male infertility In 50% of infertility cases, the cause is due to either male infertility factors or a combination of male and female factors. Dr. Mark Rispler details the four common causes of male infertility that we see at our Manhattan Beach fertility center. Sperm […]

Baby food: Is diet and fertility a factor in getting pregnant?

Diet and fertility is attracting attention. Dr. Mark Rispler believes in a whole-body approach to fertility treatment. We start with fertility basics, and that includes underlying causes that could relate to diet and nutrition. Studies show that poor nutrition can lead to problems with ovulation in women and sperm quality in men. Innovative Fertility Center […]

Know the Female Infertility Risk Factors that Could Prevent Pregnancy

  A scan of news headlines can leave you feeling overwhelmed about infertility risk factors.     Will household products containing endocrine disrupting chemicals lower your chances for getting pregnant? Is a woman with an apple-shaped figure less fertile? Do self-tanners lower my chances? The number-one risk factor, according to fertility specialist Dr. Mark Rispler, […]

A Heavy Matter: Infertility and Weight

Approximately 1 in 8 couples will face infertility. Often, fertility testing reveals issues such as irregular or absent ovulation, physical abnormalities, age and abnormal sperm counts, all of which can impact your ability to conceive. While these factors are not within your control, Dr. Mark Rispler wants patients to know that certain lifestyle choices can […]

Risks of Age-related Infertility

Waiting to conceive until after age 35 can increase a woman’s odds of infertility. Fertility specialist Dr. Mark Rispler with Innovative Fertility Center offers treatment options, including donor egg IVF, when testing reveals diminished ovarian reserve. Quality Eggs Lead to Successful Pregnancies Ovaries release an oocyte (egg) every month at the onset of puberty. Pregnancy […]

Intense Workouts Could Impair Fertility

 If you are trying to get pregnant and maintain a healthy weight, best to skip that bi-weekly step class. Studies recently linked rigorous exercise with decreased fertility in women with a body mass index (BMI) under 25. The study out of Boston University categorized rigorous activities as running, fast cycling, aerobics, gymnastics, and swimming. Dr. […]