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Risks of Age-related Infertility

Waiting to conceive until after age 35 can increase a woman’s odds of infertility. Fertility specialist Dr. Mark Rispler with Innovative Fertility Center offers treatment options, including donor egg IVF, when testing reveals diminished ovarian reserve. Quality Eggs Lead to Successful Pregnancies Ovaries release an oocyte (egg) every month at the onset of puberty. Pregnancy […]

Innovative Fertility Treatment Offers Hope for ‘Poor Responders’

If you are experiencing infertility and meet certain criteria, you may be considered a “poor responder.” Don’t allow the medical classification to discourage you. Innovative Fertility Center’s Dr. Mark J. Rispler employs targeted treatment protocols to help women increase egg production and, subsequently, their chances for getting pregnant. A key component in a successful in-vitro […]