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Risks of Age-related Infertility

Waiting to conceive until after age 35 can increase a woman’s odds of infertility. Fertility specialist Dr. Mark Rispler with Innovative Fertility Center offers treatment options, including donor egg IVF, when testing reveals diminished ovarian reserve.

Quality Eggs Lead to Successful Pregnancies

Ovaries release an oocyte (egg) every month at the onset of puberty. Pregnancy occurs when sperm fertilizes the egg and a viable embryo develops. A woman is born with all of the eggs she will ovulate over her reproductive lifetime, and they do not improve with age. In fact, studies show a sharp decline in pregnancy rates once eggs mature to 35 years and beyond.

If you are considering a delay in starting a family, talk with a reproductive endocrinologist about maternal age, fertility preservation and the decrease in pregnancy rates as women age.

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