3500 N Sepulveda Blvd #130, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, United States

About Our Center

Your Manhattan Beach Fertility Center for Advanced Female and Male Infertility Care

Innovative Fertility Center is an intimate, cost sensitive fertility center designed to provide total care, including advanced in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, IUI and a renowned donor egg and donor sperm program. When you need help trying to conceive, we personally guide each patient through fertility treatment from beginning through conception.

At Innovative Fertility Center, our patients come first.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional IVF success rates and a supportive environment while you are trying to conceive. For this reason, your Patient Advocate will help you through emotional and stressful fertility issues, such as the cost of IVF or the ramifications of choosing donor egg and donor sperm or pursuing preimplantation genetic diagnosis, PGD. Our fertility specialists and advocates will offer you support and encouragement throughout your journey, listening to your concerns with heart-felt compassion.

We understand that starting a family is a major undertaking, and by the time you walk through our doors you have been challenged with the difficulties of becoming parents. You may even have been told your dream of having a child is impossible. As your infertility specialists, we promise to exhaust all avenues of fertility treatment options: IUI, IVF, PGD, donor eggs and donor sperm.

We’ll devote the time and energy your individual situation and concerns require. Contact us at Innovative Fertility Center where you will always feel part of our team!

Scientific Yet Holistic Approach

At the Innovative Fertility Center – we believe in treating the whole patient. We use the latest in technology but we also incorporate treatments and complementary medicine that goes back thousands of years. We partner with the most talented yoga instructors and acupuncturist to offer a complete treatment option. Fertility treatment can be an overwhelming journey and our focus is offering anyone coming through our doors the opportunity to treat mind, body & spirit in addition to our scientific expertise.