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Our Manhattan Beach fertility center takes a custom approach to industry-leading IUI and IVF

Conception doesn’t always occur according to plan. Fortunately for the 1 in 8 couples with infertility factors, as well as parents to be in the singles and the LGBT community, Manhattan Beach fertility centers can connect you with proven, effective and innovative treatments that make families a reality. Intrauterine insemination, otherwise known as IUI, and in vitro fertilization, or IVF, is two standards of care that excel at addressing common and hidden causes of infertility.

Dr. Mark Rispler and Dr. Joshua J. Berger are devoted to optimizing the patient experience and outcomes, identifying the causes of infertility and instructing the next generation of fertility specialists and surgeons as part of his academic role at UCLA.

Unlike large Manhattan Beach fertility centers, we offer personalized care. IUI and IVF at Innovative Fertility Center combine our signature holistic medicine, yoga and acupuncture options with leading-edge technologies.

Beginning a family with IUI

Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, increases the probability that sperm and egg will meet. The male partner or sperm donor will schedule an appointment in our Manhattan Beach fertility center so that we can begin sperm preparation.

Your partner may deliver a sample within one hour of your appointment time, or arrange for sperm collection at Innovative Fertility Center prior to IUI.

With IUI, the female partner will experience a procedure similar to a Pap smear. A speculum is inserted and then a small, thin tube will deliver the washed and prepared sperm directly to the uterus, bypassing the cervix. The doctor will complete the IUI within a few minutes and then you are free to go.

IUI can effectively mitigate unexplained causes of infertility, a low sperm count or inhospitable cervical mucus. This option also helps lesbian couples start or add to their families.

IVF addresses significant barriers to conception

IVF is considered an advanced reproductive technology, and we consider it an effective treatment option for patients with anatomical causes of infertility, unexplained infertility or severe male infertility. Of course, we make our best effort to treat the patient in as simple and cost-effective manner as possible.

IVF begins with health testing for both partners. When we agree that it’s time to proceed, we begin with ovulation induction, progress to egg retrieval and conclude with fertilization in the IVF lab and embryo transfer.

Today’s most advanced IVF options, including ICSI for male infertility and PGS/PGD, are available at our Manhattan Beach fertility center.

IVF is ideal for women with blocked tubes, men with severe sperm disorders, surrogacy arrangements and gay couples.

As you learn more about IUI and IVF and the individualized protocols for different causes of infertility, a team of nurses and patient advocates join us in supporting and encouraging you. We believe that fertility treatment should incorporate comfort measures and emotional support throughout the process.

Contact our Manhattan Beach fertility center to determine which path to parenthood best suits your needs—IUI or IVF.