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Finding the Right Fertility Treatment

Tips for finding the right fertility treatment If you have tried to have a baby without success, you may be discouraged. Often, the couples and individuals who visit our Los Angeles fertility center have endured failed treatments at other clinics. Mark Rispler MD works closely with our patients to diagnose and treat the causes of […]

Planning for Pregnancy: Know Your Fertility Numbers

Connecting the dots: Fertility numbers impact pregnancy planning Often, we read or hear news stories about the importance of health numbers like cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). For our Manhattan Beach fertility center patients, knowing your fertility numbers is equally important. Dr. Mark Rispler wants to make sure our patients have a […]

Ovarian Reserve Testing

Our fertility doctor explains ovarian reserve testing If you have struggled to get pregnant, finding a reason for your fertility issue is likely a top priority. Dr. Mark Rispler, our highly trained fertility doctor, has the expertise to address common and hidden causes of infertility. Dr. Rispler utilizes advanced technology to assist with the infertility […]