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Fertility History Review

Finding the root causes begins with a female fertility history review

You may wonder why we ask so many questions at your initial visit to our Manhattan Beach fertility center. The questions, and more importantly, your answers, are part of your female fertility history review, a vital tool in our search for the cause of your infertility.

Be prepared to answer questions about your menstrual and sexual history

As part of your female fertility history review at our Manhattan Beach fertility center, we review your menstrual history. Important information we are looking for includes: whether you’re menses are unusually painful; whether or not your cycles are regular; the length of your cycles; and whether you have any unusually heavy bleeding or bleeding between periods.

Your sexual history is also important, and you should be completely candid with us about your history of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and any problems with painful intercourse.

Your pregnancy history and attempts to conceive are also part of your female fertility history review

We will ask you about any past pregnancies and the outcomes as part of your female fertility history. You should let us know if you have had miscarriages, when they occurred, or any other pertinent information.

It is also very helpful to us if you provide details of your attempts to become pregnant. Details such as how often you have intercourse and specific information about your menstrual cycle during the time you have been attempting to conceive are also relevant.

We discuss your lifestyle and work environment

Lifestyle factors can affect your fertility, so we will want to discuss whether you smoke, drink alcohol or use recreational drugs. Another important part of your female fertility history review is a discussion of your home and work environment. This can help us determine if you have been exposed to lead, pesticides, chemicals or radiation, all of which can affect fertility.

Your past medical history and family medical history are the final piece of the puzzle

We ask that you come prepared with a list of your medications, as well as any vitamins or supplements you are taking when you make your first visit to our Manhattan fertility center. We will also need to know about any past surgeries and past or present medical conditions.

Your family history is another component of your female medical history review. We need to know about any family history of infertility problems, birth defects or genetic disorders.

Everyone at our Manhattan Beach fertility center is here to help you achieve your goal – adding a new member to your family! Contact us to begin the process.