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Fertility Blood Work

Fertility Blood Work for Men and Women at Innovative Fertility Center

Infertility is a couples’ issue. Sometimes the primary cause might be female-factor infertility; sometimes the male partner might have fertility issues that are preventing conception. This is why fertility specialist Dr. Mark Rispler always directs a comprehensive fertility evaluation of both partners, including female and male fertility blood work.

At Innovative Fertility Center we conduct a full health and fertility assessment so that we can find the best, individualized treatment path for each couple’s unique situation. In most cases, both partners will be asked to do a full work up, including blood testing.


How Female Infertility Can Be Detected through Blood Tests

While some female fertility challenges are related to structural issues within the ovaries, fallopian tubes or uterus, most of female infertility is caused by hormone imbalances. The best way to evaluate whether or not hormones are playing a role in fertility is through blood tests.

Female Blood Tests for Infertility

These specialized blood tests can measure the levels of various hormones and blood chemicals that might interfere with conception. The most common blood levels that Dr. Rispler tests in his female patients are:

Some blood tests (such as FSH) may need to occur on a certain day in your menstrual cycle. The Innovative Fertility Center staff will review all the details with you about each specific test.

Please note that not every test will be ordered for each patient, and more tests might be ordered, depending on Dr. Rispler’s evaluation. If your numbers don’t fall within the normal range, Dr. Rispler will have more data and can decide the best way to proceed so that you can get pregnant.

How Male Infertility Can Be Detected through Blood Tests

While the focus on female-related causes of infertility centers on hormone imbalance, male factor infertility evaluation looks at sperm production. Blood tests for certain hormones that can influence sperm production can reveal important factors that might be affecting sperm quality and quantity.

Male Blood Tests for Infertility

The most common blood levels that Dr. Rispler is interested in for the male partners of his female patients are:

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Testosterone (T)
  • Luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • Estradiol
  • Prolactin

Please note that Dr. Rispler might send the male partner to a doctor who specializes in male health, such as a urologist or andrologist.

Innovative Fertility Center Uses Blood Results to Formulate Your Individualized Treatment Plan

The results from the couples’ blood work often give Dr. Rispler a clear idea of what treatment path might be best suited for their unique situation. In other cases, blood results might indicate a need for further testing for one or both partners to investigate potential infertility causes.

Conception doesn’t always happen as easily as we’d wish, especially when there are underlying health issues that can interfere with the natural reproductive process. If you and your partner are ready to seek answers, contact us to schedule a consultation to get your journey started with information and support from a trusted Manhattan Beach fertility specialist