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A Father’s Day Message from Innovative Fertility Center

As a man diagnosed with infertility, do you feel a twinge when you see Father’s Day approaching?

If you and your spouse are struggling with infertility, it’s certainly understandable that you might experience some unpleasant emotions on this particular holiday. But your attitude toward the challenge can make a tremendous difference. Here are some items to address:

Guilt – You are not to blame for your infertility, any more than you are to blame for having a particular eye color. It does not make you any less of a man or human being, nor does it mean you can’t or shouldn’t be a loving father. You did not seek out this medical challenge; you can only fight to overcome it.

Control – If you feel powerless in the face of infertility, we beg to differ. Many factors can affect male fertility, from hormone levels and nerve function, and these factors in turn can be influenced through weight management, proper sleep and nutrition, and many other good health practices. You also have the good fortune to live at a time when clinical understanding and treatment of fertility issues is more advanced than ever before. You do have choices, and we will help you implement them.

Support – You are not alone in this struggle, though you may feel that way sometimes. No man is an island, so don’t take all of the burden on your own shoulders. Your spouse, relatives, friends, place of worship — these and other resources can and will help you through the tough times. And don’t forget the countless others facing the same challenge, many of whom are accessible online.
Last but not least, don’t forget us! We’re ready, willing and able to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Future Father’s Day — and many more! – From Innovative Fertility Center.