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What are the Odds of Passing on an Inheritable Disease?

IVF baby, Asian ethnicYou know your Facebook status, but what’s your carrier status? Advances in genetic science now make it possible to examine fragments of DNA through saliva or blood testing. If you have a family history for certain diseases, a fertility specialist like

Dr. Mark Rispler will recommend preconception testing.

Preconception Testing: Pass the Test, Don’t Pass on the Disease

If you carry a recessive gene for an inheritable disease, you have a one in four chance of passing that disease along to your baby, says Dr. Rispler with Innovative Fertility Center. Many carriers of genetic disease never develop the disease, experience symptoms or become aware of their status.

Ask a Fertility Specialist about Preconception Testing

A double recessive genetic disorder, such as cystic fibrosis (CF), impacts the next generation when both parents carry the gene. One in 25 carry the gene for cystic fibrosis, so preconception testing for CF is often recommended, especially for Caucasians or European couples.

Does everybody need preconception testing prior to getting pregnant or pursuing fertility treatment? No. However, it’s important to know your family history and pursue preconception testing when certain red flags appear. Contact Innovative Fertility Center with questions about preconception testing. Dr. Rispler offers preconception testing, and preventive fertility treatment should you test positive as a recessive gene carrier.