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Breast Exam: A Pre-Treatment Must

Think pink: Get a breast exam before fertility treatment

breast-examination-blogKnowing that they may soon have a baby on board, most women undergoing fertility treatment want to make sure they’re as healthy as they can be. Getting a breast exam is one way you can get your body pregnancy-ready, before your fertility treatment begins.

At our Los Angeles fertility center, a breast exam is a routine part of pre-treatment health screening, and for good reason. The most common cancer diagnosed during pregnancy, breast cancer strikes about one in 3,000 pregnant women1.

A breast exam gives peace of mind

With all the changes that a woman’s body undergoes in pregnancy – including breast swelling and tenderness – it’s no wonder that undiagnosed breast cancer often slips by undetected. But breast cancer found during pregnancy forces moms to make a tough decision: treat the disease with harsh chemo, radiation or surgery – possibly harming their unborn child – or delay treatment and put their own lives at risk.

Before starting any fertility treatment plan, Mark Rispler, M.D., a board certified reproductive endocrinologist, ensures that every patient has had a thorough breast exam.

For younger women with low risk of breast cancer, a breast exam by an OBGYN is all that’s needed. For women over 40 and those with higher risk, the American Cancer Society recommends:

  • Regular screening mammography for women with average risk, starting at age 45
  • The opportunity for women to begin annual screening between the ages of 40 and 44
  • Earlier and more frequent screening for women with higher risk

Healthy breasts, healthy pregnancy

A breast exam or mammogram can help give both you and Dr. Rispler confidence that your body is healthy and ready for pregnancy. If you need a referral to an OBGYN or have any questions about breast health and fertility treatment, our Los Angeles fertility center is here to help. Contact us.