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Unexplained Infertility

Receive treatment for unexplained infertility and find hope again

Trying to conceive without results can lead to disappointment. When fertility testing can’t pinpoint an exact cause of infertility, disappointment can turn to despair. At our Manhattan Beach fertility center, Joshua J. Berger MD uses both basic and advanced fertility treatments to produce successful outcomes for patients, even in difficult cases.

Our team will partner with you to help you welcome a baby

In unexplained infertility cases, abnormalities are likely to be present. However, they may not have been detected by diagnostic testing. Sometimes, factors like a BMI outside of the normal range, thyroid issues, diabetes and undiagnosed health issues can also throw a wrench into family-building plans.

Regardless of what a fertility evaluation reveals, our Manhattan Beach fertility center team offers effective treatment options. Dr. Berger advises patients seeking treatment for unexplained infertility to proceed with purpose and dedication. Even when testing doesn’t identify a specific cause of infertility, fertility treatments can often effectively address the problem.

What we know about this type of infertility

When evaluating patients and conducting fertility testing, Dr. Berger will attribute infertility to one of the following causes.

Unexplained infertility falls into the category of shared causes. Statistics show that 5% to 10% of couples experiencing infertility will fall under the category of “unexplained.” That number jumps to 1 in 5 when minor factors exist with the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus or sperm, but nothing clearly causes infertility. In these cases, Dr. Berger will pay closer attention to certain factors, such as ovarian reserve (egg supply), maternal age, autoimmune diseases and mild endometriosis.

Understanding treatment options for unexplained infertility

Once Dr. Berger has the details of your complete fertility assessment, he will want to review the results with you and your partner. Together, you will create a personalized treatment plan. Generally, we begin with ovulation induction medicines like Clomid, often in conjunction with IUI (intrauterine insemination). If those therapies don’t generate positive results, Dr. Berger may recommend IVF as the next step.

While an unexplained infertility diagnosis is especially painful for patients struggling to conceive, we want our patients to know that there is hope. Advanced reproductive technology has greatly improved the outcomes for patients with this diagnosis. Contact our Manhattan Beach fertility center for more information or to schedule an appointment.