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Father’s Day and Infertility

The importance of recognizing and treating male infertility

Dr. Rispler heralds the importance of recognizing and treating male infertilityWhen you are trying to have a baby without success, holidays like Father’s Day can serve as a painful reminder of infertility. Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD supports our patients in fulfilling their parenting dreams. Our Los Angeles fertility center team believes that Father’s Day is a good time to remind our patients about the need to identify and treat male infertility.

Father’s Day and infertility – A brief review of infertility statistics

Many people mistakenly believe that infertility just affects women. In about half of the cases, male infertility creates issues with conceiving. We want to ensure that our patients undergo a full fertility work-up, including testing for male infertility.

Breaking down the male infertility factor

Although women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, men continue to produce sperm throughout their life. As a man ages, the quality and quantity of his sperm may decline. When patients visit our Los Angeles fertility center, our team generally orders basic fertility tests, including a semen analysis for the male partner. By proactively checking for male infertility issues, your doctor can gather relevant details to identify potential treatment options.

The 411 on a semen analysis

To perform this test, your partner will provide a sample to our laboratory. The semen analysis will look at the sperm count, volume, concentration, motility and structure of the sample. Your doctor may also suggest a blood test to check hormone levels. If these tests reveal potential male fertility issues, your doctor can make a referral to a local urologist, a physician specializing in the male reproductive system.

For couples and individuals struggling to conceive, our Los Angeles fertility center team provides advanced infertility care, including identifying and treating male infertility. Our team can recommend the necessary male infertility testing and provide recommendations on the next steps for our patients. Contact our office for more information about testing options or to schedule a consultation appointment.