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How to Cope When Friends Conceive

Dealing with infertility: Our fertility specialist offers tips for how to cope when friends conceive

Dealing with infertility: Our fertility specialist offers tips for how to cope when friends conceiveWhen you are struggling to conceive, it often seems like everyone can get pregnant but you. Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD of our Los Angeles fertility center wants our patients to know that these feelings are normal while dealing with infertility. The entire team at Innovative Fertility Center can offer you the guidance you need during this challenging time.

Consider our advice on how to cope when friends conceive

Often, our patients must deal with the physical and psychological aspects of infertility. Everywhere you turn, someone else is having a baby, while you have yet to see a positive pregnancy test. Watching friends, family and colleagues celebrate this happy time may leave you feeling discouraged. Wondering how to cope when friends conceive? Our Los Angeles fertility center team offer the following strategies.

Recognize that your feelings are valid. You have every right to want to get pregnant and to feel disappointed that it hasn’t happened yet. Embrace your feelings and don’t feel guilty for envying others when they seem to have the thing you desire. However, don’t allow yourself to stay in a negative place. Remind yourself that your chance to have a family will come.

Share your thoughts with others. Don’t bottle up your feelings. Letting close friends, your partner, a therapist or even a support group know about your ups and downs will give you an outlet so that you don’t have to struggle alone.

Give yourself a break. During this tough time, self-care is critical. It’s okay to skip family gatherings with small children, decline baby shower invitations and unfollow friends on social media who post endless streams of baby pictures.

Enjoy your kid-free life. For now, focus on the positive aspects of child-free living. Schedule a wine tasting trip with friends, spend a lazy day reading your favorite book or plan a romantic getaway just for two. Once you have a baby, you won’t have many opportunities for such carefree activities.

Receive compassionate care from our Los Angeles fertility center

At Innovative Fertility Center, we understand how difficult it is for our patients as they try to conceive. Our team will help you handle the emotional and physical aspects of dealing with infertility. Contact our office for more information about how to cope when friends conceive or to schedule an appointment.