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IVF Consultation

Our IVF doctor discusses common questions for your first in-vitro fertilization, IVF consultation

When you try to get pregnant and have no success, you may feel disappointed and discouraged. At our Manhattan Beach fertility center, Dr. Mark Rispler and Dr. Joshua J. Berger utilize their training and medical expertise to help our patients overcome infertility. Once you meet with our team, we can determine if in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is the best route. As you prepare for your initial appointment, our IVF doctor wants to provide tips for maximizing this visit.

Work with our IVF doctor to discover the answers you seek

Although you may feel like the only person who can’t get pregnant, conservative estimates suggest that 1 in 8 couples deal with infertility, which is defined as trying for 12 months to conceive without success. As a highly trained reproductive endocrinologist, our IVF doctor understands the frustration that our patients often experience.

Utilizing advanced technology, we provide state-of-the art infertility treatment, including IVF therapy, in our Manhattan Beach fertility center.

Reviewing the top questions to ask at your first IVF consultation

The first course of treatment with our IVF doctor will be an exciting and intense time. We want you and your partner to come away from the first appointment with a clear understanding of the IVF fertility treatment process and what to expect in the days ahead.

Usually, this visit involves blood work, possibly an initial ultrasound and review of your treatment plan. To prepare, we recommend making a list of discussion points, which may include the following:

  • What are the average IVF success rates for your clinic?
  • Can you give me a brief overview of the steps for IVF fertility treatment?
  • Tell me about the common side effects from IVF treatment.
  • What financial considerations should I take into account?
  • Can you tell me some common concerns you hear from other patients or their partners who are undergoing IVF treatment?

If you have tried to conceive a baby without any luck, our IVF doctor can help identify and treat infertility problems. During your first IVF visit, you can ask questions about the next steps for achieving your goal of parenthood. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation appointment.