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Lesbian Fertility

Lesbian Fertility Options at Innovative Fertility Center

Dr. Mark Rispler and Dr. Joshua J. Berger know that healthy, loving families come in many forms and take different journeys to parenthood. Innovative Fertility Center is proud to help all patients make their baby dreams come true. We have had great success finding the best treatment and pregnancy plan for each unique situation, including lesbian fertility options.

A Healthy Start to the Pregnancy Journey

Depending on age and pregnancy history, the doctor will recommend a fertility evaluation. This evaluation helps give you and Innovative Fertility Center information about what fertility treatments, if any, and pregnancy plan might increase the chances for success.

Whose Egg?

Lesbian couples have several choices when choosing an egg to be used for conception. In some cases, couples choose to use the eggs of the woman who will carry the baby. In others, one partner has an egg retrieval procedure so that her egg can be used in the embryo that will be implanted in her partner’s uterus. This option is called reciprocal in vitro fertilization. If there are fertility issues or other concerns for both partners, a donor egg can be used.

Whose Sperm?

At Innovative Fertility Center we have worked with lesbian couples who choose to conceive with sperm from a friend, or a sperm donor. This is completely up to the couple.

Bringing Egg and Sperm Together

Lesbian couples have two options for getting pregnant, depending on their fertility situation:

Intrauterine insemination, or IUI: This is a procedure in which the doctor transfers prepared sperm directly into a woman’s uterus at her most fertile time. Depending on the woman’s fertility situation, hormonal treatments may or may not be recommended to trigger ovulation and/or increase the likelihood of implantation. If this method is chosen, no egg retrieval procedure is needed – the ovulated egg from the woman who will be carrying the pregnancy will be used for conception.

In vitro fertilization, or IVF: With IVF, the chosen egg and sperm are combined in the lab to create an embryo. The egg can come from the woman who is carrying the pregnancy, her partner or a donor. If the egg comes from the non-carrying partner, she will have hormonal treatments to prepare for an egg retrieval procedure. Once the embryo is created, it is transferred to the patient’s uterus for implantation. The woman carrying the pregnancy takes hormonal treatments to increase the likelihood of implantation and successful pregnancy.

We are excited to match our lesbian patients’ baby dreams with the expertise, technology and treatments that can make them come true. Please contact us at Innovative Fertility Center to schedule a consultation to get started on your journey.