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Egg Donation IVF for Gay couples

To share a biological connection, explore the possibilities of egg donation IVF for gay couples

Many reasons exist for opting for donor services, but egg donation IVF for gay couples meets a very specific need. Egg donation provides a practical, effective and highly successful fertility treatment option for gay singles or couples, and our Manhattan Beach fertility center specializes in guiding our intended parents through a complex process.

As you begin this journey, Dr. Mark Rispler or Dr. Joshua J. Berger will help you digest all of the information surrounding the fertility treatment cycle—the role of surrogates and egg donors, the timeline and costs and what you can expect with egg donation IVF for gay couples.

Defining the father’s role in egg donation IVF for gay couples

In vitro fertilization, IVF, gives us the ability to combine egg and sperm outside of the human body and transfer the resulting embryo(s) back to the uterus. The provider of those eggs or sperm does not necessarily determine parental status, and that’s where surrogacy and family law attorneys come into play. In this case, however, you will likely provide the sperm for IVF, find an egg donor and enlist the help of a surrogate to carry the baby.

Our team conducts semen analysis and health screenings to help you begin the process fully informed and confident in your decision about who will provide the sperm. Some gay couples choose to combine the sperm of both partners with the donor egg. For others, fertility factors, paternal age or other reasons lead them to select one partner’s sperm over the other.

Choosing an egg donor and a surrogate

Your early fertility treatment timeline will involve selecting an anonymous egg donor, or preparing a known egg donor for the screening process. An egg donor serves as a third party, gifting her reproductive materials to the intended parents.

  • Your gestational surrogate will carry the pregnancy but will not share a biological connection with the baby; the baby shares DNA with the donor egg and the father.
  • A traditional surrogate donates her egg and also carries the pregnancy.
The fertility treatment cycle

Employing fertility medications that override and then enhance the natural hormonal response, doctors create an optimal environment for a woman to produce more than one egg in a menstrual cycle. He will carefully monitor the ovulatory phase and arrange to extract eggs from the follicles we detect on an in-office ultrasound test.

Egg retrieval is a momentous day in the process of egg donation IVF for gay couples. It signals the end of the preparation phase and the start of the exciting implantation phase—the process of an embryo attaching to the uterine lining and progressing into a fetus.

The benefits of egg donation IVF for gay couples

When choosing an anonymous egg donor for your surrogacy cycle, you have access to the highest quality genetic materials. Egg donors are incredible young women, choosing to help others fulfill their dreams for a family. Egg donor agencies are highly regulated and enlist extensive safeguards to ensure that the egg donor that you select has been screened for medical issues, infectious and genetic diseases and psychological health.

The age of a typical egg donor is between 21-31, and this is the primary reason egg donation IVF for gay couples is so successful. A woman’s age is a very important factor in predicting her fertility potential.

What’s more, in California we are fortunate to have surrogacy-friendly laws that protect intended parents.

If you feel ready to take the next step in your quest to become a father, contact our Manhattan Beach fertility center. We have a long history of providing third-party reproduction options for the LGBT community and welcome your call.