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Fertility Testing for Lesbian Couples

We offer fertility testing for lesbian couples who want to build families of their own

Mark Rispler MD and Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD strive to help all our patients achieve parenthood. At Innovative Fertility Center, we understand that lesbian couples often face additional challenges in creating the families they desire, but our team offers support. We provide complete fertility testing for lesbian couples and top-notch fertility treatment.

Where to begin with fertility testing for lesbian couples

With lesbian couples, we recommend standard fertility testing. The doctor will perform a physical exam as well as an ultrasound to examine your uterus and ovaries. He will also order a blood test to assess your levels of hormones like follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH). In addition, he may perform a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to ensure that your fallopian tubes are open.

Fertility testing for lesbian couples gives our Manhattan Beach fertility center expert valuable information about hormone levels, any anatomical abnormalities and other existing health concerns. It can also answer the following questions.

  • Are my fallopian tubes open?
  • Does my uterus have a normal shape?
  • How will I respond to fertility medications?
  • Should I worry about my remaining egg supply?
  • Do I have any infectious diseases or health concerns to address?

Using this information, the doctor will then identify any potential fertility issues for either female partner. Armed with this information, you and your partner can decide who will donate the eggs and who will carry the baby. We recommend that our patients consider age, regularity of menstrual cycles and family history when making this decision.

Moving forward after fertility testing for lesbian couples

Once you and your partner have reviewed the test results, you need to discuss how you want to proceed. For pregnancy to occur, donor sperm is needed, usually through an anonymous donor. The process will involve one of the following options.

Our Manhattan Beach fertility center team is committed to delivering personalized care to our patients, including those interested in fertility testing for lesbian couples. Contact our office and schedule a consultation to learn more about how you and your partner can grow your family.