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Moms Over 40 – What You Need to Know

Understanding the truth about moms over 40

Understanding the truth about moms over 40More women are waiting to have children, which can make it seem like it’s easy to conceive later in life. However, getting pregnant after 40 isn’t always a piece of cake. Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD, our Los Angeles fertility center expert, wants our patients to have all the facts about moms over 40 and achieving pregnancy later in life.

An overview of female fertility basics

When a woman reaches puberty, her body begins to have menstrual cycles and release an egg each month. Unlike men, who continue to make sperm throughout their lives, women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. As a woman ages, the quality and quantity of those eggs decreases, which can make having a baby more difficult.

Facts to remember about moms over 40 and getting pregnant later in life

At our Los Angeles fertility center, we want to make sure that our patients have accurate information about moms over 40 so that they can make informed decisions about their own fertility. As you prepare to create or expand your family, consider the following facts about pregnancy after 40.

  • Age does matter. Female fertility peaks in your 20s. At 30 years old, you have a 20% chance of getting pregnant in any cycle. By the age of 40, your odds drop to 5%.
  • Time is of the essence. If you are over age 35 and have tried to conceive for six months without success, you should consider seeking assistance from a fertility expert. Your doctor can complete a full fertility assessment to discover any potential fertility issues.
  • Keep your options open. Modern advances in reproductive technology, such as donor eggs, donor sperm, IVF and gestational surrogacy, allow our patients to achieve success on the path to parenthood, so don’t give up hope.

Patients struggling to conceive, including those over age 40, will receive comprehensive diagnosis and treatment at our Los Angeles fertility center. If you worry that age is hindering your chances of getting pregnant, our team can perform a thorough evaluation and determine the next steps. Contact our office for more information or to schedule a consultation.