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Fertility and Nutrition

Dietary Changes Can Enhance Reproductive Health Learn How Fertility and Nutrition Go Together

Dr. Joshua J. Berger are experts in women’s health, board certified in the sub-specialty focused on the endocrine and reproductive systems. You may wonder how the endocrine system and the foods you eat affect chances for getting pregnant. Innovative Fertility Center provides an overview of fertility and nutrition, and our team provides nutritional counsel during treatment.

Nutrition is a critical component of overall health, and dietary choices can affect fertility. As you take proactive steps to conceive a baby, don’t ignore the benefits of proper nutrition as part of a comprehensive fertility treatment plan.

Understanding the Endocrine System and Infertility

Your body’s endocrine system consists of glands that produce hormones. These chemical messengers impact nearly every cell, organ and function of the human body. Hormones direct the intricate reproductive system, as well as regulate metabolism, brain health, energy levels, immunity and bone density.

Nutritional deprivation–a poor diet–can negatively impact the endocrine system. When the pancreas, an organ in the endocrine system, fails to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar, it overtaxes the endocrine system and can lead to diabetes. PCOS can also lead to diabetes.

In addition, overweight and underweight women may experience ovulatory dysfunction as a result of poor nutrition.

Modifying Diet to Mitigate PCOS Symptoms

Women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) benefit from nutritional counseling because even moderate weight loss can help ease symptoms and increase the odds for getting pregnant.

PCOS causes women to struggle with obesity and weight loss, as well as acne, excessive hair growth, irregular periods and infertility. Our team can design a fertility treatment plan with dietary modifications to help patients overcome PCOS.

Dr. Berger Recommend a Healthful Diet while Trying to Conceive

There is no special food or fertility diet that will cause you to get pregnant. However, a balanced diet, rich in whole, unprocessed foods, can help you maintain an ideal body mass index (BMI) conducive to optimal reproductive health.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), “nutrition plays a key role in reproductive health and IVF success.” Recent studies showing the impact of diet on sperm quality and IVF success rates is available on the ASRM website.

Supporting Your Fertility Goals

Our skilled nutrition team at Innovative Fertility Center offers a safe environment to discuss dietary and lifestyle changes our patients can incorporate to create an optimal plan for a healthy fertility treatment cycle.

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