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Fertility Success Stories

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In your quest to start a family you can find inspiration all around you. We find inspiration every day in the patients we treat at the Innovative Fertility Center. We create partnerships that last longer than a simple medical procedure. We have the privilege to work with a variety of patients with an amazing array of challenges and circumstances.

Please read further to find inspiration from our actual patients and their stories.*

Having a baby at 43 through in vitro is a pretty difficult process

Having a baby at 43 through in vitro is a pretty difficult process emotionally, physically and financially. Fortunately, we found Dr. Mark Rispler and Innovative Fertility in Manhattan Beach; CA.

Our initial experience with a different fertility clinic was cold and sterile and not at all our style. Sure, they were highly successful, but nothing about their office, staff or bedside manner made for a comfortable environment. Dr. Rispler’s office was the complete opposite of this experience. He and his staff could not have been friendlier and more helpful, and each time we went there, they were glad to see us and showed genuine interest and warmth in our lives and difficulties. Dr. Rispler took his time with us each visit, and explained everything thoroughly in a step-by-step way, with calendars, tutorials and so much more. The nurses were knowledgeable and approachable and always took my phone calls, no matter how silly my problem was. And the day after my egg extraction, the anesthesiologist even called me to make sure I was feeling alright.

We always felt like we were important and taken care of with Innovative Fertility and would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a compassionate place to undergo this intense procedure. Today we are five months pregnant with our baby and would not have been able to do it if it had not been for Innovative Fertility.

Mary, 39

When Mary came to us, she had been diagnosed years prior with blocked fallopian tubes. Not long after, she had a pregnancy loss. Further evaluation with thorough testing – a Hysterosalpingogram – revealed she had no blockage. Because of her elevated FSH levels, we used a treatment course and procedure known as IUI with stimulation. Mary ended up with a healthy baby girl.

Great Experience!

We saw Dr. Rispler after trying to conceive (and 2 failed pregnancies) for 3 years. Right away we felt comfortable with him and his staff. What sets Dr. Rispler apart from others is his excellent bedside manner and cooperative approach towards your specific fertility needs. He really includes your feelings and thoughts in the decision making process makes you feel comfortable. Not once was I in pain or uncomfortable during my procedures or office visits. Thanks to Dr. Rispler and his staff (nurses are awesome), we are now 18 weeks pregnant with twins boys! We are very pleased with our experience.

There is no other Doctor that I feel comes close to Dr Rispler, he is compassionate, funny, and endearing, yet honest and professional.

I will try to be as brief as possible. In 2006 my husband and I met with Dr Rispler about unexplained infertility. We tried one round of IVF and were unsuccessful, on our second attempt, we underwent IUI, and on April 14th 2007 we gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl. In 2010 after failing to conceive on our own, we returned to Dr Rispler. We had one failed attempt at IVF and are currently pregnant with twins via IUI. I am 40 so I was referred for Genetic Disease screening. During the Ultrasound, the technician called in a Doctor who diagnosed one of our twins with a possible cystic hygroma.

We left that Screening and went straight to Dr Rispler in shock and terrified. I ran into Dr Rispler while he was changing exam rooms, I was a nervous wreck, he calmed me down and talked with me immediately. When you want something so bad and go through so much only to be told such horrifying news there is nothing like someone like Dr Rispler who makes you feel like he’s the “third partner” in the pregnancy, he’s “in it” with you and your partner!

Dr Rispler suggested “CVS” testing (a similar version of an amniocentesis performed by 13 weeks). We refused to see the Dr who gave us this devastating news like it was no “big deal,” so Dr Rispler referred us to Dr Williams in Beverly Hills (who was just as awesome and caring as Dr Rispler) to perform a CVS on both of our twins. Two days after the test was performed, we got the results that both babies are healthy and that we are having a boy and a girl! There is no other Doctor that I feel comes close to Dr Rispler, he is compassionate, funny, and endearing, yet honest and professional. My only complaint is that he is not an OBYGN and will not deliver the babies that he helped God Bless us with!

Amazing Doctor and Staff

My husband and I spent two years attempting to conceive at another doctor (RE) with no luck. We found Dr. Rispler and he was willing to take a complete approach to finding a solution to our challenges and together made a great plan for our family. It was not an easy path, but, in the end, we have two beautiful, healthy boys because of his hard work, staff and overall care. We are forever grateful and will continue to sing their praises!!

Very Good Care

I just moved to CA this year and was recommended Dr Rispler’s services from an OB/Gyn who looked after me following a miscarriage I’d had just before I moved here. I’d tried fertility treatment in a highly regarded fertility center in Houston, TX where I was previously living. That had not been a good experience. Dr Rispler’s office is a small private practise so you get to know the doctor and staff(in Houston I only ever met my doctor twice – I speak with Dr Rispler after every single appointment).

When I first came in I was a bit of an emotional mess and actually walked out just before my appointment. I was actually very rude, but his staff never ever made me feel bad about that. I eventually re-set an appointment, and Dr Rispler and his staff were very kind, courteous and understanding(at the place in Houston I really was just a number, always had at least a half hour wait time, and then at least 15 minutes waiting in my little paper skirt for the nurse to check me, and nobody EVER asked how I was feeling, what my opinions were, or explained much of my results).

At Dr Rispler’s office, the doctor himself always consults with you after each check up, he always checks that you are ok with the next process, and all the staff there are very considerate of your feelings – even when you are far from being an ideal patient. I did apologize to a nurse at a later date and she said she remembered my distress but understood that it is a very emotional time and it didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Soooo nice, these people. Anyway, I am only on my second round of doing IUI(we didn’t want to go all out with IVF) so hopefully this month we have results. Fingers crossed.

Dr. Rispler is a straight shooter while being a very very caring physician with great bedside manner!

Dr. Rispler is a straight shooter while being a very very caring physician with great bedside manner! He took the time to explain everything in detail and in a way I could understand. He is super supportive. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for one on one attention and not a larger clinic atmosphere. His protocols and knowledge seem to be cutting edge. Thus, in my opinion, it feels like you are getting all of the advantages of a large academic center yet with very personalized attention.

Most of the office staff is super! The nurses are great and super supportive and friendly. They do offer many supportive services to make the whole process easier and less stressful!

– Jennifer D. Manhattan Beach, CA

I just LOVE Dr Rispler

I just LOVE Dr Rispler, I cannot say enough good things about him or his staff. Highly recommend him.

– Sophie M  Manhattan Beach, CA

I highly recommend Dr. Rispler at Innovative Fertility Center to any woman struggling with infertility in the South Bay area.

Despite the fact that I stopped ovulating three years ago, my husband and I are now pregnant with TWINS after just a few months of treatments. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Rispler’s comprehensive medical knowledge and his ability to design a customized treatment program to meet our individual needs. In addition, his friendly and compassionate staff members always went out of their way to ensure that I felt like a priority rather than just a number. My husband and I will definitely return to Innovative Fertility Center when it is time to try for our next child!

– Mom-to-be M. Manhattan Beach, CA

Soy And Aja G.

Where do we can begin! Dr. Berger and his team of staff were absolutely incredible throughout our journey to conceive! As a same sex couple, we went into our TTC journey not knowing what to expect. Our initial consultation was very thorough and informative. Dr. Berger set realistic expectations for us, which we really appreciated. Dr. Berger made sure we both get equally involved in the process each step of the way which was extremely important to us. We did 5 rounds of IUI and conceived with lucky #5! Although it may seem like a long journey, Dr. Berger made sure he reassured us that it would happen and that it takes time. He never gave up on us or allowed us to give up on ourselves. He also made sure he put Aja’s health first, which meant there were times where we had to skip months in between cycles. You won’t find a more morally sound doctor. We honestly cannot thank Dr. Berger and the entire team enough for their endless support on this journey. When we finally received our positive pregnancy test and bloodwork to confirm, everyone shared in our excitement!

Sang L.

After first initial consultation with Dr. Berger, we saw hope; and the hope is in the process of becoming reality with my wife being three months pregnant at the age of 41.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Berger for anyone because my wife and I are living witnesses who can testify how dedicated Dr. Berger and his staff are to help you to have your dream come true with a beautiful child of yours.

Jennie L.

Dr. Berger & his staff have been GREAT throughout our journey. When you go through hardships involving pregnancy, you need emotional support as well. Dr. Berger is not only a professional, he’s also a caring, honest, and supportive throughout the entire process!!!!! Great people who give great vibes! Definitely recommend this place!!


Dr. Berger is the BEST! Every time he welcomes me with a big smile and I instantly feel comfy. He is ready to answer all my questions. He even prayed for me after he was done with a procedure.

Jiali W.

Dr. Berger is the great doctor you can find !! My friend Nancy struggled for years since her case is the most difficult one- turner. She has been rejected by many IVF doctors and what she been told there is no hope for her to become a Mom. But you know what? She got PREGNANT for only 1 cycle with Dr. Berger’s help!  And we heard baby’s heartbeat through Ultrasound TODAY! I am so happy for my friend Nancy and so grateful to Dr. Berger.  Dr. Berger is always caring and professional to his patients.

I will only recommend Dr. Berger for my friends who needs fertility treatment!

Nancy Z.

Thanks to Dr. Berger’s superior skills and medical ethics, I was able to  successfully become pregnant on the first attempt. It was a dream come true for my family and me . I really appreciate him and his team for their warm-hearted services.

Peter H.

Dr. Berger is extremely thoughtful and will be by his patient from day one to end.
Thank you very much!

R N.

Dr. Berger is well educated and experienced in the field. He is down to earth, easy to talk to, and available for any questions you have. This is definitely an important factor as the process itself is extremely stressful. Also, the patient coordinators, nurses, receptionists, and other staff members are all friendly, very personable and they are there to help you. For example, I had questions about medications during the Christmas/New Year holiday season and my patient coordinator was out of office. However, the receptionist reached out to her to ask the questions for me and called me back right away. They are very responsible and accountable.

I am now 8 weeks pregnant after the first IVF cycle and we are very happy with the result. Thanks, Team!

Maria C.

Dr. Berger and his staff have been really great to us. Dr. Berger is attentive and thorough, well educated. I’m very pleased with the Care I’m receiving. Thanks so much for excellent patient care service.


Irene K.

I have been successful twice (about 3 years ago with a daughter) and currently pregnant with my 2nd. Dr Berger and his staff have been so great through this journey. My patient coordinators were always so helpful and available to answer any questions and concerns. Dr Berger has a calming and caring personality which makes you feel at ease while going through the process of IVF. I had a great experience and will miss everyone once I “graduate” from their clinic.

Young Min Y.

First… I would like to thank Dr. Berger and his AMAZING team!!!!!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!
I’m sure most people dread going to see the doctor, but when it comes to having to go for infertility it makes things harder.  After having a consultation with Dr. Berger, we decided to go through IUI and after the 2nd round we are pregnant!!!!!!!!  Once again… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
In regard to Dr. Berger there are no words to really explain how grateful I am.  He not only made me feel comfortable, but he always spent time to explain what was going on and what I needed to do.
The only con is that I cannot take Dr. Berger and the rest of his staff with me through this journey of having a baby. Everyone has made me feel so comfortable and treated me as if I were family!!!
Thank you!

Chris L.

were bit skeptical about the process ,but after consulting with Dr. Berger, he gave us great confidence and we decide to start IVF treatment.
As the IVF cycle started, we had bunch of questions and worries, but the Coordinator and rest of the staff were there to give us answers  and support.
We were always able to see the Doctor with in 10 to 15 min from our appointment. Dr. Berger is always friendly and gave us great confidence during our treatment.

I’m 37 years old and my Husband is 38 years old. I was able to retrieve 12 eggs. 8 were fertilized and total of 7 Embryo were biopsied. After PGS process 4 Embryo were A- to A+ status.
We were thrilled about the result! Considering our age, It was bit of miracle.

We transferred 1 Embryo and I was pregnant after the first transfer! As of now, I’m 8 weeks pregnant. We are very happy with the result and the great experience we had .  We highly recommend caring and professional staff.

We are sure to visit again for our 2nd baby transfer!