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When to See a Fertility Doctor

We can help you figure out when to see a fertility doctor If you have been struggling to conceive, you are not alone. Approximately 1 in 8 couples deals with infertility problems. Because time is of the essence, Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD wants our patients and their partners to understand when to see a […]

Get Support for Mother’s Day and Infertility

Find the support you need for Mother’s Day and infertility The focus on motherhood in May can be overwhelming for those trying to conceive without success. Our Manhattan Beach fertility center doctor understands that dealing with Mother’s Day and infertility can make you feel sad and discouraged. However, we want you to know that we […]

Make a Fertility Resolution for 2022

Make a fertility resolution that will bring you one step closer to welcoming a baby January is a time when everyone wants to start fresh and get off on the right foot as we move into a new year. Many people make New Year’s resolutions that focus on losing weight or saving money. However, if […]

Coping with Infertility on Mother’s Day

A fertility survival guide: Strategies for coping with infertility on Mother’s Day When you are trying to conceive without success, every day can feel like a struggle. Holidays can be especially tough, but for women dealing with fertility issues one in particular stands out. Every year, when the second Sunday in May draws near, we […]

How to Cope When Friends Conceive

Dealing with infertility: Our fertility specialist offers tips for how to cope when friends conceive When you are struggling to conceive, it often seems like everyone can get pregnant but you. Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD of our Los Angeles fertility center wants our patients to know that these feelings are normal while dealing with […]

Keep the Spark Alive – Relationship Tips for Couples Facing Infertility

Find relationship tips for couples facing infertility and reconnect with your partner Struggling to get pregnant can take a physical and emotional toll on couples. Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD of our Los Angeles fertility center understands infertility can put a strain on any relationship. To help, the team at Innovative Fertility Center offers relationship […]

Moms Over 40 – What You Need to Know

Understanding the truth about moms over 40 More women are waiting to have children, which can make it seem like it’s easy to conceive later in life. However, getting pregnant after 40 isn’t always a piece of cake. Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD, our Los Angeles fertility center expert, wants our patients to have all […]

Romance and Infertility

Tips for managing romance and infertility Estimates suggest 1 in 8 couples deal with infertility. Between blood tests, sonograms and follow-up appointments, you and your partner may feel you have little time for anything else. Mark Rispler MD and the team at our Manhattan Beach fertility center can provide support and treatment for common causes […]

Surviving the Holidays

Tips for surviving the holidays from our Manhattan Beach fertility center Coping with infertility can be difficult, and the holidays can add another layer of stress to an already tense situation. Mark Rispler MD understands the challenges hopeful parents face, especially during the holiday season. At our Manhattan Beach fertility center, we deliver comprehensive infertility […]

Fertility Supplements

Get the 411 on fertility supplements Trying to get pregnant without success can leave you feeling frustrated and willing to consider any treatment option, including fertility supplements. As the medical director of Innovative Fertility Center, Mark Rispler, M.D., understands that our patients want to explore a variety of treatment options. Our Manhattan Beach fertility center […]