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Dr. Berger Goes to ASRM 2022

Dr. Berger makes plans to attend ASRM 2022 At Innovative Fertility Center, Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD provides advanced fertility treatment in an intimate, personalized setting. Our Manhattan Beach fertility doctor stays up to date on the latest developments so that he can deliver exceptional care to our patients. One of the ways he does […]

Coping with Infertility on Mother’s Day

A fertility survival guide: Strategies for coping with infertility on Mother’s Day When you are trying to conceive without success, every day can feel like a struggle. Holidays can be especially tough, but for women dealing with fertility issues one in particular stands out. Every year, when the second Sunday in May draws near, we […]

Moms Over 40 – What You Need to Know

Understanding the truth about moms over 40 More women are waiting to have children, which can make it seem like it’s easy to conceive later in life. However, getting pregnant after 40 isn’t always a piece of cake. Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD, our Los Angeles fertility center expert, wants our patients to have all […]

The Difference between IUI and IVF

Highlighting the difference between IUI and IVF For patients who want to become pregnant and cannot conceive, the stress of infertility can take a toll. At Innovative Fertility Center, Mark Rispler MD is dedicated to offering our patients top-notch treatment in a supportive environment. He creates personalized treatment plans for our Los Angeles fertility center […]

Low Dose IVF

Is low dose IVF treatment just as effective? Infertility treatments can become time-consuming, physically taxing and costly. Dr. Mark Rispler, head of our Manhattan Beach fertility center, believes in offering proven treatment options for our patients as cost-effectively as possible. With proven therapies such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (IUI) and low dose IVF, we […]

Embryo Transfer Safeguards

Our IVF doctor puts our patients’ minds at ease regarding an IVF embryo transfer When you are going through infertility treatment, your stress and anxiety levels can increase. With the IVF process, patients may worry about what can go wrong, including during embryo transfer. The team at our Manhattan Beach fertility center, led by IVF […]

How stuff works: Gender selection with IVF

Fans of John Legend may agree that the singer “deserves a little girl.” His partner Chrissy Teigen told People Magazine that she chose to pursue PGS with gender selection in mind. Among the tweets that she received after the “It’s a Girl!” announcement, this one prompted our Manhattan Beach fertility center to blog about the […]

Secondary Infertility: How to Respond to Annoying Questions

You have heard about infertility, a disease that impacts 1 in 7 couples. You may even have friends or family members that grapple with it. But not you. You have gotten pregnant and had a baby before. Once fertile, always fertile. Right? There are so many painful aspects of infertility, but Dr. Mark Rispler frequently […]

Family Balancing: What Are My Options?

Family balancing used to involve old wives tales and advice on positions, diet and timing, but now fertility doctors can determine the sex of your baby with nearly 100 percent accuracy. Breakthroughs in genetic testing make it possible to analyze embryos in the lab. (An egg fertilized by sperm will develop into an embryo.) At […]

Why use a Fertility Specialist for Super Ovulation with Clomid?

Clomid for Super Ovulation When you experience trouble getting pregnant, your obgyn starts to resemble a super hero. He or she has likely served as your first line of defense against women’s health threats, so why wouldn’t you remain loyal during infertility treatment? Dr. Mark Rispler, with Innovative Fertility Center, explains that a fertility specialist focuses on […]