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TESE, Testicular Sperm Extraction

Steps to TESE, sperm harvesting

In rare circumstances, a MESA procedure will not result in retrieved sperm. The surgeon may need to take sperm from the testicle itself in testicular sperm extraction or TESE.

1) Before performing a TESE procedure, a specialized urologist will perform a diagnostic testicular biopsy to confirm that the testis is producing mature sperm. If mature sperm that have complete tails are identified in the biopsy, then your physician can proceed as planned with the TESE procedure.

2) During the TESE procedure, the surgeon inserts a small fine needle into the testicles to obtain tissue samples for examination. These samples are then viewed under a microscope to determine if sperm are present. If no sperm are identified, a testicular biopsy can also be performed.

3) The sperm retrieved using TESE are immature, and so further intervention is required. At this point, Dr. Rispler or Dr. Berger facilitate and performs intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). ICSI is also indicated due to the low number of sperm that are typically found as a result of the TESE procedure.

Sperm and testicular tissue retrieved during the TESE procedure can be frozen for use in future IVF cycles. 

Our team and your urologist will discuss the procedure, recovery time, and restrictions involved when undergoing a TESE procedure with you. Contact us at Innovative Fertility Center to begin the fertility testing that will accelerate you toward the goal of fathering a child.

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