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Egg Freezing Candidates

Considering egg freezing? Learn more about the types of egg freezing candidates

More women are spending their 20s and 30s focusing on their educational, professional and personal goals. As a result, more women are also waiting until later in life to have a baby. Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD is here to help by offering egg freezing. Our Manhattan Beach fertility doctor regularly works with patients to help them determine whether they would make good egg freezing candidates.

It’s important to understand female fertility and the biological clock

Unlike men, who make new sperm all the time, women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. Once menstruation begins, the female body releases an egg each month in anticipation of conception. As women get older, the quality and quantity of eggs decrease. As such, peak female fertility occurs in the late-20s to early-30s.

Thankfully, with egg freezing, women can preserve high-quality eggs when they are younger to use for future pregnancy attempts when they’re ready for motherhood.

What types of patients make good egg freezing candidates?

For many women, peak fertility often coincides with the time in life when they want to focus on their careers, education and other life goals. Fortunately, our Manhattan Beach fertility doctor offers fertility preservation to help patients freeze their eggs for use later in life. We want to offer potential egg freezing candidates some reasons to consider exploring this option.

Young women who aren’t ready to start a family. Generally, ideal egg freezing candidates are in their 20s to mid-30s. Preserving eggs during peak fertility can allow patients to successfully postpone parenthood until later.

Patients beginning cancer treatment. Unfortunately, chemotherapy and radiation can damage eggs. However, egg freezing can preserve fertility for the future.

Individuals who serve in the military. Women who may see combat should think about fertility preservation via egg freezing.

Those with a family history of early menopause. If someone has a family history of premature ovarian failure, egg freezing can be a good option.

Take the next step with egg freezing

During the first appointment, you will meet with our Manhattan Beach fertility doctor to provide a complete medical history and discuss egg freezing. The next step will involve a fertility evaluation, including blood tests, a physical exam and an ultrasound. Armed with the test results, you and your doctor will discuss moving forward and create a treatment timetable.

At Innovative Fertility Center, we want to assist patients in making the best decisions for their future. Our Manhattan Beach fertility doctor can review your fertility preservation options. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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