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Gender Selection with IVF

Learn about the process of gender selection with IVF

As infertility treatments continue to advance, technology now makes it possible for patients to select the gender of their baby, either for medical reasons or for family balancing. Using in vitro fertilization (IVF) and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT)Mark Rispler MD and Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD can determine the sex of each IVF embryo before transferring it. Our Manhattan Beach fertility center team carefully guides patients through each step of gender selection with IVF.

Breaking down the basics of gender selection

In vitro fertilization involves stimulating a woman’s ovaries using injectable fertility medications, monitoring follicle growth and triggering ovulation. After retrieving the resulting eggs in an in-office procedure, our embryologists combine the eggs with sperm in the IVF lab. Once fertilization occurs, the embryos are ready for PGT as part of gender selection with IVF.

  • PGT takes place after fertilization. After taking a small biopsy of each embryo, experts can examine its makeup to determine whether the embryo is male or female.
  • Using the results of the PGT report, your doctor will then transfer only an embryo of the desired sex, either male or female, to the uterus of the intended mother.

Some patients may worry about the embryo biopsy. However, clinical research can reassure patients that this procedure should not harm the embryo.

Discussing common reasons for gender selection with IVF

Couples and individuals often ask our Manhattan Beach fertility center team about gender selection in the following situations.

  • Family balancing. In this case, family balancing gives parents who have only sons or daughters a chance to have a child of another sex in the family. Parents planning to grow their family can use this exciting advance in reproductive medicine to genetically analyze each embryo before transfer.
  • Medical gender selection. When one or both partners carry a sex-linked genetic disease that can be passed on to their children, IVF with PGT brings peace of mind. Using PGT, your doctor can identify embryos affected by a sex-linked genetic disorder like hemophilia. Then, he can select only an unaffected embryo for the transfer.

Determining the sex of your baby with family balancing can fulfill a long-time family dream. The team at our Manhattan Beach fertility center can help you determine whether gender selection with IVF is right for your family. Contact our office for more information or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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